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PVC cling film contains over 90 % of the harmful plasticizer DEHA
- Feb 17, 2018 -

The PVC cling wrap contains over 90 % of the harmful plasticizer DEHA.

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Core tip: the latest authoritative testing of PVC cling wrap products shows that 16 brands of PVC cling wap are common in the market, and 15 of them contain DEHA, a plasticizer banned by the state.This plasticizer can be infiltrated from the plastic film into the high fat content of the packaging.

According to the latest authoritative testing of PVC cling wap, 16 brands of PVC cling wap are common in the market, and 15 of them contain DEHA, a plasticizer banned by the state.This plasticizer can be infiltrated from the plastic film into the high fat content of packaging, which can cause great harm to the human endocrine system.

1. Cause infertility.

Food safety experts dong jinshi, told reporters that country allows you to add plasticizer in normal temperature environment is relatively stable, but the national disabled DEHA release from a plastic wrap at room temperatures and seep into the food, especially adipose content is higher in the packaging of food are more likely to be released.The main harm of plasticizer is human body endocrine system, lead to the female hormone secretion to increase, the male hormone secretion decreases, namely female precocious puberty, male infertility, especially has a great influence on the genital development of the infant.

Ii. Excessive harm.

The general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine (aqsiq) issued a notice in 2005 to prohibit companies from using plasticizer DEHA to produce food using plastic wrap.Beijing hyflux environmental protection technology consultation center recently bought from Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, Hong Kong and sales of all brands on the market of PVC cling film, a total of 16 brands, to the national authoritative testing institutions, testing results of shocking -- 15 kinds of plastic wrap all contain countries banned use DEHA.Among them, the minimum is 98 times of the detection line and 472 times higher than the detection line, and the average is over 200 times more than the detection line.

3. Industry fog.

16 brands of PVC cling film, there are 15 contains national disabled plasticizer DEHA, reporter months of survey, hanging in the industry for the production of PVC cling film layers of fog, fog is an involved behind the film industry and its upstream chemical industry lies.

According to the official announcement of the aqsiq, the plasticizer allowed to be added during the production process is DOA.The survey of journalists in Beijing, Shanghai, jiangsu and other places also found that four of the companies that tested plastic products containing the state's ban on plasticizers were also labeled DOA.In an interview in jiangsu, in wuxi new paper-plastic products co., LTD., and taicang tuan jie packaging materials co., LTD., the production workshop all see the same companies DOA material barrels, barrels labeled with the production tongxiang chemical co., LTD.

Xu xiaofeng, business manager of the company's Marketing Department in tongxiang chemical co., LTD., said that wuxi xindi, Shanghai county and Lin park are the exclusive supplier of plasticizers.At the same time, he admitted that the DOA they provided did contain DEHA, which could not be avoided in every plasticizer factory.

In order to verify the manager say whether this is true, xu reporters will provide samples of DOA tongxiang chemical co., LTD. And another DOA production enterprise of samples were tested, the results showed that the two companies in the production of DOA unexpectedly has no DOA of ingredients, and the content of DEHA is high, the original, the so-called DOA is DEHA actually.

According to experts, the raw materials for DOA production are n-octanol, and the raw materials for DEHA are isooctanol.The price difference between these two materials is huge, and the price per ton is about 12000 yuan, while the price of each ton of isocyanol is only about 8,000 yuan.In order to reduce costs, the company USES isocinol as raw material to produce.This statement also got the approval of xu xiaofeng, sales manager of tongxiang chemical co., LTD.He said that in order to cope with the fierce market competition, the industry is using isocyanol to produce plastic film plasticizer.

At this point, 15 brands of PVC cling wapcontaining the national ban plasticizer DEHA from the source finally.According to the regulations of aqsiq and relevant national standards, the plasticizer allowed in PVC cling wapis mainly DOA, and the raw material of DOA is n-octanol.In order to reduce costs, the upstream chemical enterprises that produce DOA produce the DEHA, which is banned by the state.The upstream chemical enterprises will sell the DEHA to the plastic film production company in the name of DOA, and finally produce the plastic film with great harm to human health.