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Slitter daily maintenance and maintenance
- Jan 31, 2018 -

First, the electrical parts to be regularly cleaned and inspected, timely removal of hidden dangers.

Second, the use of slitting machine is by slitting machine, cross-cutting machine to complete, so, to use high-quality vertical knife and cross-cutter.

Third, the daily maintenance of slitting machine to be in place, the criterion is smooth, clean, liquidation (dust-free, debris-free) in place to ensure that the sliding parts of equipment in good condition.

Fourth, to maintain the work, to stop rotating parts regularly and irregular inspections (especially for wearing parts to stop real-time monitoring). Implementation of regular adjustments, regular change, commutator and meticulous records, in order to achieve the purpose of extending the service life of equipment.

Fifth, to improve the technical quality and degree of operation of the staff of the cutting machine, on the control of the local operation to be done as a special person, without the consent of any person shall not operate.