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What is the Alcohol Swab?
- Feb 15, 2018 -

Alcohol swab also nanmes as alcohol prep pad,alcohol wipes. it is widely used In the hospital is usually used as a skin slean before, before the tool wipe disinfection, neonatal cut navel can also be sterilized with alcohol cotton. Chinese cupping is also used now alcohol cotton, dipped in 95% ethanol, light alcohol cotton can be used after cupping, clean and pollution-free and convenient.

In addition to being used in hospitals, it also has a lot of uses in life. The easiest is to debride and prevent infection with the. If you accidentally scratch or cut the skin, you can first wipe the skin around the wound with alcohol cotton, and then affixed to the Band-Aid, so both safe and comfortable to prevent the invasion of bacteria. Adolescence may face acne, then carry a few pieces of alcohol cotton, often wipe the skin, not only clear the discomfort, but also to prevent hand-grabbed caused by cross-infection. Ear pierced ears easily lead to inflammation, sooner or later a rub soon disappear inflammation.

Can also be used for cleaning high-level lamps, electronic products when the film wipe the dust, alcohol wipe clean, no residue.

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