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Winder troubleshooting
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Troubleshoot tissue paper rewinder We have two steps:

  First, the photoelectric protection function of a fully-fleshed toilet paper production and processing equipment has failed. After emergency treatment, the machine can still work. However, because there is no protection test, operators are worried about personal safety, resulting in low work efficiency.

Second, remove the circuit board for visual inspection and found that the substrate around the power bridge reactor discoloration, concluded that the bridge reactor has been burned, put on the bridge reactor power test, still no response. Measured with a multimeter, the new bridge pile has also been burned, which determine the short circuit. Check the components one by one from the bridge pile one by one and found that one three-terminal regulator (7805) was breakdown, bought components replacement, after power on the circuit board power indicator light. The operator mounted the circuit board to the machine and operated in accordance with the normal procedures to check whether the photoelectric protection function is working, cover the light eyes with his hands, and the falling knife stopped immediately and tried several times, all of which were normal.