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3 Points Of Precautions For Pallet Stretch Wrpping Machine Use
- Oct 08, 2018 -

The pallet stretch wrapping machine is a very popular packaging machine used in packaging equipment. The goods packaged by the machine are not only compact but also can play a certain degree of waterproof and moisture-proof function. It is one of the equipments that many enterprises choose in the packaging process.

For the product of the pallet stretch wrpping machine , there are 3 points of precautions for use.

  1. Before starting, you must first determine that there is no one around the pallet stretch wrapping machine. Under the safety condition, open the baler to avoid harming innocent people.

  2. When using, no one is allowed to walk around the turntable. Without reading common sense, any personnel without relevant equipment may not operate the winding machine. Those who have no professional knowledge are not allowed to disassemble or repair at will. Wrap the baler.

  3,.There is high voltage electricity in the pallet stretch wrapping machine, so there should be professional personnel to operate. When inspecting and repairing, be sure to turn off the power for a few minutes before repairing. Otherwise, there is danger of electric shock. Please damage the label on the machine. Do not remove the protective equipment from the pallet stretch wrapping machine.