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Advantages Of Heat Shrinking Machine On Tableware Packaging
- Sep 20, 2018 -

In China, the disinfection tableware used in many restaurants and hotels is packaged in a transparent film. It is simple and convenient to pack a set of tableware together. The packaging of this film is achieved by a heat shrink packaging machine. The advantages of using this packaging machine :

First: save costs. Labor costs are now very expensive, and the use of tableware is high. It is not possible to meet the market demand by manual packaging. In addition, the cost of cutting dishes in transportation is very high. The use of tableware heat shrinking machine can very efficiently package tableware and reduce labor, thus achieving cost saving.

Second: convenient transportation and reduce the damage rate. After the tableware heat shrinking machine is packaged, there will be a film on the surface of the tableware. The packing work can also conveniently hold the tableware. In the bumpy transportation, this film can play a good buffering role, and the tableware can not be easily damaged.

Third: clean and hygienic. After packaging a film, it can be well insulated from the outside world, sealed and anti-pollution; in the transportation process, it can also avoid direct contact between hands and tableware to ensure the cleanliness of the tableware.