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Application Of Carton Sealing Machine In Logistics Industry
- Jun 13, 2018 -

With the rapid economic development, there are more and more products and more intense competition. Therefore, all industries and industries are innovating their products. However, in addition to product innovation, packaging is more important. The use of carton sealing machine in the packaging industry is very extensive, especially in the development of the logistics industry today. Let’s take the logistics industry as an example. Every day, the country’s express delivery more than 100 million packages . Sixty percent of express delivery is used for carton packaging. Then, when it comes to carton packaging, of course, the sealing machine will be necessary. Because so many quantities cannot be sealed by hand, it is necessary to use a sealing machine. After all, machines are much faster than artificial ones and they are perfect. Sealing machine is divided into: I word sealing machine, word sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, semi-automatic sealing machine and so on. Each machine has different characteristics in the market, so it is a good packaging equipment to be suitable for enterprise packaging machines. This can help companies quickly produce and package, increase packaging efficiency, and reduce packaging costs.