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Application Of Flexo Printing Machine In Label Printing
- May 18, 2018 -

At present, the domestic label market is growing at a rapid rate of more than 30% every year. The position of label printing as a professional printing and processing industry has become increasingly prominent. Flexographic printing represents an increasingly popular application for the development of label printing.

For product labels that require automatic labeling, flexographic printing is now playing its part:

1. Fast printing speed: Usually, the normal printing speed of the flexographic printing plate can reach more than 100 m/min. Now the flexographic printing machine has installed many post-press processing devices at the same time, which can realize rapid indentation, bronzing, and die cutting (including Roll-to-roll, roll-to-leaf, and one-stop processing and forming loans.

2. More suitable for standardization: Label products usually require a lot of spot colors, and they are sensitive to chromatic aberration. The flexographic printing press prints the ink volume from multiple mesh points on the reticulate pattern. The amount of ink can be adjusted by changing the anilox roll. Once the appropriate anilox roll is selected, the color difference during the printing process changes little, to some extent. This can reduce the basis for the operator's experience.