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Application Of Stretch Film
- May 17, 2018 -

Due to its high toughness and high degree of stretching, the stretch film is widely used in industrial fields and in daily life.

1, the pallet packaging: the card board wrapped around the goods to form a whole, to prevent the turnover or logistics in the factory during the transport process occurs loose, collapse, deformation; and play a waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft effect.

2, carton packing: the use of wrapping film as a tie-box film, you can protect the carton from rain and wet, while avoiding courier violence caused by the broken cardboard box inside the scattered parts of the situation.

3, the machine cover: occasionally used machines can use wrapping film wrapped 2-3 layers, to prevent the machine for too long to cause rust, but also play a role in dust.

4, special-shaped product packaging: large shaped products can not be customized when the packaging of fixed PE packaging film, then you can use wrapping film packaging, multi-angle all-round packaging without dead ends, to meet your perfect packaging needs.

5, the product surface protection: because the film has a good self-adhesion, but will not form a glue residue on the packaged object. Can be affixed to glass, building materials, ceramics, doors and windows and other smooth surface, to prevent sharp weapon scratches.