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Automatic Pressure Regulation VS Manual Pressure Adjustment, Barely Weak?
- May 06, 2018 -

Manual pressure adjustment is through the hand rotation worm, so that the worm drives a small eccentric deflection angle, in order to achieve the purpose of regulating pressure.

Automatic pressure regulation is through the motor, adjusting the longitudinal screw inside the die cutting machine, driving the upper and lower mold base adjustment. In the case of ensuring the hardness of the internal parts of the equipment, the accuracy of die-cutting can reach the same level. Manual pressure regulation is to lock the pressure by the nut, leading many die-cutting masters to mistakenly believe that when performing large-scale die-cutting operations, the equipment after manual pressure-adjustment die-cutting will be more stable, but the fact shows that the automatic pressure-adjustment die Cutting can also achieve the same level, and because the auto-regulation is performed, the internal wear of the equipment is smaller, and the probability of occurrence of instability will be greatly reduced. After comparison, automatic pressure-adjusting die-cutting machine is used, and the mold adjustment efficiency is much better than the manual pressure-adjustment die-cutting machine when the accuracy of the mold adjustment and the accuracy of the subsequent batch operations are the same.