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Automation Will Be The Potential Unit Of The Printing Machinery Industry
- Mar 07, 2018 -

Automation will be the pioneer of the printing machinery industry, but today's packaging automation can only be said to be relatively, comprehensive coverage, the road is still very long, will encounter a series of problems. From the packaging automation industry, it is the use of automatic device to control and handle the packaging process, so that it held according to the predetermined pace. In the whole process of social fluency, packaging can play a cover, landscaping, publicity, the effectiveness of trafficking products, improve the competitiveness of commodities.

In a row, large-scale industrial production process, packaging is the last process. In today's Society, packaging initiative has been applied to a variety of industrial production and social equipment deployment, in the food, medicine is more widespread application, to the form of individual, physical characteristics of the different drugs in the testing process encountered more problems, and after testing data transmission and disposal of punishment, The requirements of the control system will not be halted at this level, it is necessary for the electronics industry and packaging industry to be happy, the necessary pharmaceutical packaging machine can probably be the new electronic skills real-time application to practice, the necessary two industries to cooperate with the exploration. In the medical packaging machine for the initiative on the road we are more and more active definition, more and more fine, the research is also more and more deep, from a machine to move up to the whole Packaging Workshop initiative, from the packaging process to the entire packaging process, the entire production line and the whole workshop plan will become a certain trend.

The international packaging industry attaches great importance to the development of packaging machine processing and the entire packaging system of the general ability, in order to be the packaging machine parts production specialization is a trend of growth, many parts are no longer produced by the packaging machinery factory, but by a number of common scale parts factory production, some special parts and components by a highly specialized production manufacturers, The truly famous packaging machinery plant will probably be the assembly plant. This is a long and arduous course, each factory has its own Chinese packaging industry heart skills, how to let everyone to comply with this scale agreement, another a long way to go.