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Carton Sealer Belt Replacement Method
- Jun 06, 2018 -

We all know that the belt of carton sealer is very important. How to extend the service life of the carton sealer belt is also very important, but if the belt is damaged, what should we do if we want to replace it? There are four points in the belt sealer replacement method. 

1.Before the belt is replaced, it is necessary to check whether the carton sealer is turned off or not. When the equipment is repaired, no matter what kind of equipment it needs to be powered off first, take safety precautions before repairing. This is mainly to avoid accidents during the replacement process.

2. When the belt is changed, the tightness of the belt is adjusted to the minimum, and the adjustment position is the conveying front of the belt conveyor of carton sealer. Each of the two belts has an adjusting nut.

3.Belt Replacement After completing the first two steps, take the belt at one end of the belt and remove the belt.

4. Tighten the elastic nuts of the belt after the belt is installed to prevent the looseness of the belt from affecting the packaging effect of cartons sealer.