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Carton Sealing Machine Movement Parts Introduction
- Jun 12, 2018 -

As the main component of the carton sealing machine, the movement is the core of the whole sealing machine. It can hang tape and can seal and cut the carton. There are many types of carton sealers, and different carton sealers are different.

The first is the movement of a standard carton sealer.

This kind of movement is generally a 3-inch movement. The type of tape that can be sealed can be sealed from 38-70mm. This is also the most widely used type of sealing machine. This kind of movement is used with almost all type-size carton sealers.

The second type: the movement of the side sealer.

Because the side sealing machine movement is suspended on both sides of the device, its volume is slightly smaller than the standard type sealing machine. It is a 2-inch movement, and its maximum sealing tape is 50mm.

The third type: a profiled movement.

Special-shaped movements are through designated movements. These movements are generally individually customized according to the requirements of customers. The specific structure must be produced separately according to the user's specific requirements.