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Causes And Solutions For The Failure Of The Collating Machine And The Spring-loaded Spring Column
- Dec 06, 2018 -

The reason for the failure of the collating machine and the spring-loaded spring column is that the tension of the tooth-pulling spring of the machine design is too large, and the tension spring of the tooth-tooth will rub against the hanging spring column. For a long time, some movable sleeves will be worn. Wearing, if not replaced in time, will have a serious impact on the parts of the collating machine. When replacing the screw, the fan-shaped plate with broken wire must be removed and taken out.

Solution: According to the outer diameter, height and tension spring mounting groove size of the hanging yellow movable sleeve, a batch of movable sleeves are processed, but the inner diameter is changed to the through hole of 8.1, and the other end is also processed with a hanging spring slot. Wear, without removing other parts, you can use the inserter to directly remove the screw and use the movable sleeve to turn it around.