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Choose The Correct Cling Film
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Cling film is a kind of plastic packaging product, which has been widely used in microwave food heating, refrigerator food preservation, fresh and cooked food packaging and other occasions, as well as in family life, supermarket stores, hotels and restaurants and industrial food packaging.From a physical point of view, the cling film has moderate oxygen permeability and moisture permeability, adjusts the content of oxygen and moisture around the fresh-keeping product, and blocks dust, thereby prolonging the food preservation period. Therefore, it is necessary to use different plastic wraps for different foods.

The transparency, stretchability and stickiness of PVC cling film are better than that of PE cling film. When the PVC cling film is fired, the flame is black, black smoke, pungent odor, and will not drip, and will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire source. When the PE cling film burns, the flame is yellow, odorless, it will drip, and it can continue to burn after leaving the fire source. If the label is PVC material or the label is not known, consumers are advised not to purchase and use it.