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Common Problems And Solutions Of Paper Slitting Machine
- Mar 06, 2018 -

Paper Slitting machine is an important equipment in the paper processing industry. Paper manufacturers almost use this equipment almost every day. If there is a failure, it will cause obstacles to the production process, and manufacturers will also lose. In general, if the staff do not pay attention to the daily maintenance, slitting machine will often appear some difficult problems, in order to solve these problems in a timely manner from time to time small, we summed up the following comparison problems for reference, hope to help:

First, paper slitting machine is not neat. This is because most of the paper core is not applicable, comply with the requirements as long as the replacement of paper core diameter, also use the rolling roller in the rolling process, it can avoid the uneven roll slitter machine.

Second, cut and reel the volume of the material. This is mainly the wrong winding tension, adjusting the appropriate winding tension of the paper slitting machine, rewinding the roller with the press roll and putting the overpressure roll into the paper core.

Third, meter counting is not allowed. This kind of problem can make the rice wheel double wheel contact with the feeding roller at the same time, and make a mark of 5 rings on the meter wheel to count 1 meters or change the meter.