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Comparison Of The Efficiency Of Automatic Sealing Machine And Semi-automatic Sealing Machine
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Why does the automatic sealing machine work slower than the semi-automatic sealing machine?

The main reason lies in the automatic detection device of the automatic sealing machine. The automatic sealing machine needs to inspect every carton when it is transported. The height and width of the carton are detected. Only the proper height is detected. The machine performs automatic sealing operations. But for the semi-automatic carton sealing machine, there is no such link at all, so the sealing speed will increase a lot.

Although the working efficiency of fully-automatic carton sealing machines is lower than that of semi-automatic carton sealing machines, this is not to say that full-automatic carton sealing machines are not smart, mainly because the two models are suitable for different fields, and the full-automatic carton sealing machines are mainly applicable to The size of the carton is the same in different batch sizes. At this time, if the semi-automatic carton sealing machine is purchased, the labor intensity of manual labor is very large. Therefore, these two models have their own applicable fields and can be purchased according to the needs of the company.