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Daily Maintenance Of Business Form Printing Machine
- Mar 31, 2018 -

The daily maintenance:

1. Clean the machine surroundings and the machine itself;

2. Check if there is any loose or worn firmware. 

3.Folding knife guide rod, bakelite block plus a machine oil (about 30 drops of 30# oil);

4. Wipe the dust on each sensor with a clean soft cloth and clean the surrounding paper.

The weekly maintenance:

1. The front gauge and paper gauge support guide rod plus a small amount of oil;

2. Air Pump Butter Tsui fill high temperature grease and clean the air filter inside the air pump.

The monthly maintenance :

1. Add grease to each butter in the printing machine;

2. Add oil to the support and sliding parts for adjusting the pressure of the folding roller;

3. Fill the chain wheel of the camshaft transmission part with oil once;

4. Clean the dust on each fence board and adjust the common parts of the fence to the optimal work function status;

5. Clean or check the working status of the solenoid valve is normal;

6. Turn off the power of the folder after 10 minutes. Clean the dust and scraps of the electrical box. Visually see the wireless head loosening, falling off and other abnormal phenomena (If necessary, the electrician may accompany the inspection);

7. Adjust the pulley or check the tension (strain) of all the transport belts to the proper position;

8. Cleaning the inside of the machine to scrub the machine and the surrounding ground to keep the inside of the printing machine and the floor free of excess grease to prevent electrical fires;

9. Check if the air pump motor is hot. Check if the circuit is normal and effective.