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Deviation Analysis Of Slitting Machine
- Nov 21, 2018 -

First, the slitting machine blade produces raw edges:

1. The blade is blunt and should be polished; 

2. The blade and the sipe overlap too shallow; 

3. The sipe of the slitting machine blade is wound into the paper edge and paper hair, and should be thoroughly cleaned and then turned on; 

4. The slot gap of the slitting machine blade is too large, generally not more than 2.5mm.

Second, the slitting machine blade creasing line is easy to break

1. The base paper is inferior; 

2. The pressure line is too deep

Third, the edge of the blade of the slitter is not vertical:

1. The  tool holder angle is not correct;

 2. The blade is not in the center of the sipe;

 3. The  blade is sharpened.