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Folding Machine Monthly Maintenance
- Jan 29, 2019 -

    1. Add butter to each greaser of the folding machine

    2. Fill the bearing and sliding parts for adjusting the pressure of the folding roller with oil.

    3. Fill the camshaft transmission part chain wheel with oil.

    4. Clean the dust on each fence board and adjust the common parts of the fence to the best working function.

    5. Clean or check if the working state of the solenoid valve is normal.

    6. After turning off the power of the folding machine for 10 minutes, clean the dust and paper scraps of the electric box. There are abnormal phenomena such as looseness and falling off of the wireless head.

    7. Adjust the pulley or check the tension (tightness) of all the paper belts to the appropriate position.

    8. Check if the air pump motor is hot. Ask the electrician to check if the circuit is working properly.