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Harmful Ingredients Of Inferior Wet Wipes
- Feb 03, 2019 -

As wet wipes become more and more integrated into modern life, the demand is growing. The profit can be imagined, then the cottage or inferior wet wipes will follow.


Low-quality wet wipes mainly have the following components:

1, propylene glycol: This ingredient is easy to stimulate the eyes, has the characteristics of hemolysis, it is not suitable for intravenous injection. If it is added to food, it will cause kidney damage like glycol.

2. Coco-glucoside: This ingredient is slightly irritating to the skin and eyes and may have an impact on the environment.

3, benzalkonium chloride: this ingredient, once the amount is too much will cause heart dysfunction, will make people mentally upset, vomiting, weight loss and other symptoms similar to benzalkonium hyperfunction.

4, phenoxyethanol: If this ingredient is swallowed, or absorbed through the skin, it will cause damage to the genitals.