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Heat Shrink Packaging Machine Packaging
- Oct 12, 2018 -

The heat shrink packaging machine packaged goods have a variety of packaging methods to meet the packaging needs of different products, is a versatile product package.

The first packaging method of the heat shrink packaging machine is to seal in four directions. The packaging film is used to wrap the product around the four directions, and the joints are connected by heat sealing. This type of packaging is a fully enclosed package suitable for product packaging that requires sealing;

The second packaging method of the heat shrink packaging machine package is to adopt a method of sealing only the one end of the product and sealing the other direction. This method first cuts the packaging film into a square bottom bag, and then wraps the product in the square bottom bag. Then, it is packaged by heat shrinking. This method is suitable for firmly packing a certain number of products without individual drops for convenient transportation and mass sales.