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How Can Large Printing Equipment Be Maintained Scientifically And Efficiently?
- May 13, 2018 -

Printing equipment maintenance involves a lot of links, including refueling, vacuuming, cleaning, dismantling and replacement of vulnerable spare parts, etc., as well as daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance and half-year maintenance. So how to carry out scientific and effective maintenance?

First of all, we must strengthen the concept of equipment maintenance.

The well-maintained equipment not only can effectively reduce the number of repairs and maintenance costs, but also prejudge the risk of equipment in advance to minimize the occurrence of temporary failures. It also provides a good guarantee of production efficiency and product quality, and makes the equipment better. Preserve value.

Second, we must develop good habits of daily cleaning equipment.

After all, most of the production equipment is not only one person is on, nor is it on every minute. It is entirely possible to use the equipment calibration, downtime, and wait for equipment to wipe and clean.

The standard of inspection is very simple. Wear white gloves or use a tissue to wipe the surface of the device or under it. Clean equipment, like a tidy work environment, will also have positive potential psychological implications and impacts on employee productivity and quality of work.

Third, establish a strict but flexible equipment maintenance mechanism.

The daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance and half-year maintenance must be done in accordance with the equipment maintenance specifications. This must be done, and the time must be done. Can also be based on the actual production of the actual equipment maintenance, simply put the time to do equipment maintenance. The specific maintenance does not necessarily have to do the whole machine can be completely split to do. If you disassemble and clean the ink roller of the printing press, you can take the time to make the first group today, take another day and then take the time to make the second group, and so on.