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How To Adjust The Tape Length Of The Carton Sealing Machine?
- Aug 12, 2018 -

Tape is the main consumables of the carton sealing machine. The sealing is mainly based on the adhesive tape. The tightness of the tape directly affects the sealing effect, so it is very important for the installation and adjustment of the tape.

First, put the new OPP tape roll onto the mandrel;second, pull out the tape, bypass the front roller and then bypass the rear roller;third, bypass the upper roller, and finally pass the tape through the tape holder from the lower roller. .It must be noted throughout the process that the adhesive side of the tape must face outward.

If the tape is not on the centerline of the case, loosen the retaining nut and adjust the mandrel with a screwdriver to adjust the tape position.

Rotate the knob to make the tape roll speed moderate, and adjust the release nut to adjust the front and rear position of the screw to change the elastic force of the tension spring, thus controlling the tension of the tape. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the tape tension and vice versa.