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How To Buy A Good Sealing Machine Blade?
- Jun 09, 2018 -

 In the increasingly competitive packaging industry, many packaging industry manufacturers do not know how to buy a good blade when they choose to use the sealing machine blade. While pursuing price, the quality of the blade is not paid attention. As a result, many manufacturers have not been able to buy a good blade at a large price.

The commonly used specification of the sealing machine blade is: 65*32*1.5, 84*25*1.5, 75*30*1.5, there are some special blades, the blade models are various, how can we buy a good blade.

1. The tip of the blade of the sealing machine should be pointed, otherwise it is very difficult to use.

2, the hardness of the sealing machine blade is higher, it is best to achieve the most durable between 58-60 degrees

3. The pitch and tooth depth of the sealing machine blade should be well controlled. Cutting can save time and effort.