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How To Carry Out Maintenance Of The Carton Sealing Machine
- Jun 05, 2018 -

In order to ensure that the carton sealing machine maintains good performance during the production process of each company, guarantees the quality of the products and prolongs the service life, the following matters need to be noted in routine maintenance:

1. Before maintenance, repair or adjustment of the carton sealing machine, the air source of the machine power supply must be turned off.

2. It is necessary to regularly check whether the oil separator's oil quantity is enough, add it in time, and add air pressure special oil (through bottle oil) when adding. Do not use other alternative oils.

3. Regularly check the oil-water separator filter cups, and always check if the amount of water is excessive and discharge in time.

4. If the pneumatic pipe needs to be dismantled and maintained, it must be noted whether the pipe is folded when it is to be repositioned. If yes, please guide it quickly to prevent the airflow from being blocked.

5. The screw and chain parts must be oiled once every 3 months to reduce the wear caused by friction and prolong the service life of the parts. 

6.Keep the machine clean and prevent moisture, in order to extend the life of the machine.