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How To Choose A Slitting Machine
- Apr 03, 2018 -

General stretch film manufacturers choose to use different slitting machines, the current more advanced slitting machine adopts advanced automatic control technology, the winding arm and cutter can be positioned with high precision, plus mechanical and sensor feedback system High-precision operation to ensure the quality of slitting and rewinding.

The design structure of various slitting machine parts is also not the same, only from the perspective of the finished product winding core clamping and fixing part of the slitting machine, it can be divided into the type of chuck, gas rising shaft and the like. In general, the air-lift shaft structure is mostly used in small-sized slitters, and large-sized slitters or slitters with independent roll-up stations use chucks to hold the cores, and the equipment configuration and configuration are different. Depending on the actual product specifications, the appropriate cutting machine may be selected.

The manufacturer first needs to confirm  What kind of material is required for slitting(film, paper, non-woven fabric, etc...) and how large is the diameter of the material, and how large is the diameter of the material received and discharged. The width of the material and the need to cut to and the minimum size including the thickness is also need confirm.