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How To Choose The Blades Of Slitter
- Apr 21, 2018 -

The blade of slitter  is determined based on the type and thickness of the slitting material. Usually the slitting form of the slitter blade includes straight knife slitting and round knife slitting.

1. straight knife slitting is like a razor, the blade is fixed on the knife holder of the cutting machine, the knife will fall during the material running, so that the knife will cut the material longitudinally, in order to achieve the purpose of cutting.

Straight knife slitting material film thickness less than 100um, the main  slitting is mainly suitable for thin plastic film and composite film

2. Circular knife slitting There are mainly two methods: upper and lower disc knife cutting and round knife pressing.

Circular knife slitting is the main slitting method for slitting thick film, composite thick film, paper and other materials. It is recommended to use a round knife to cut the film thickness of the slitting material above 100um.

The material for round knife slitting is mainly thin plastic film, it can also cut relatively thick paper, non-woven fabric, etc.