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How To Control The Amount Of Ink In The Printing Machine?
- May 25, 2018 -

The balance of the printer's ink volume is achieved by an anilox roller and a doctor blade. Anilox roller supply is accurate and reliable. There is a ceramic anilox roller. The base roller is coated with ceramic and laser-engraved. Its precision, surface roughness, shape and position tolerance, hardness and corrosion resistance are all very demanding and expensive, and it is produced by a professional factory. When using this type of anilox roller, special care must be taken to prevent bumping, keep it clean and prevent ink clogging, and clean immediately after printing. The accuracy of the anilox roller is one of the important factors for ensuring the printing quality of the flexographic printing machine.

Anilox rollers are precise transfer ink rollers. The amount of ink transferred is determined by the number of network cables per inch. The higher the number of lines, the more the number of network pits and the lower the amount of ink. The smaller the number of network lines, the smaller the number of network pits and the greater the amount of ink. The number of screen lines in the printing process of the anilox roller is reasonable, which is determined by the color requirements of the printing product. Screen screening, screen printing should be selected high number of lines, low ink volume; field printing should be selected low line, large amount of ink.