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How To Distinguish If The Material Used In The Wet Wipe Packaging Machine Is Toxic?
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Nowadays, wet wipes are recognized by a large number of consumers. In normal life, wet wipes can be used for cleaning and disinfection, and more wet wipes for infants and young children are favored by mothers, easy to carry and clean. Everyone should have noticed that most of the packaging of the wipes is packed in plastic paper, so whether the plastic paper is toxic, let us teach you how to distinguish the packaging paper for toxicity:

Water detection method: Put the food plastic packaging bag into the water, the non-toxic plastic packaging bag can be floated out of the water after being put into the water, and the toxic plastic packaging bag does not float upward.

Patting detection method: Grab the end of the plastic food packaging bag by hand and pat it hard. The crisp sound is non-toxic, and vice versa.

Fire detection method: You can cut the food plastic packaging bag to one side, burn it with fire, it is toxic and not easy to burn, and it is easy to burn if it is non-toxic.

The wet wipe packaging machine produced by our company uses medical grade stainless steel and is easy to operate. Customers who purchase our wet wipes packaging machine are recommended to use plastic aluminum foil packaging, which is safe and non-toxic and has long storage time.