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How To Distinguish PE And PVC Cling Film?
- Mar 15, 2018 -

1. The naked eye: PE material is poor in transparency, and the color is white, the covered food looks blurry; PVC material has good gloss, looks clear and thorough, because there is a plasticizer, a little light on the light yellow.

2. Hand-pulling: PE material is softer, but its toughness is poor, and it can be broken after stretching. The toughness of PVC material is strong, it can greatly stretch and stretch but will not break, and it is easy to stick on the hand.

3. With fire: After the PE cling film is ignited with fire, the flame is yellow, rapidly burning, and there is a burning smell of candles; while the PVC cling film contains chlorine, the flame is yellow-green after being lit with fire, and there is no drip phenomenon. After the source of fire will go out, and there is a strong pungent odor.

4. Immersion in water: Due to the different densities of the two, the PE cling film has a lower density than water and floats after immersed in water. The PVC cling film has a higher density than water and sinks when immersed in water.