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How To Distinguish The Folder Cutter
- May 03, 2018 -

Folding machine comes with the tool is generally divided into indentation knife, perforating  knife, deflated knife and slitting knife. The indentation knife is mainly used to give a thicker paper with a trace, so that the thick paper will reduce the burst when bending, easy to bend; the perforating knife is generally used to make the paper easy to tear, deflation knife is mainly used to discharge the air in the signatures when the book is collated. The slitting knife is mainly used to divide the folded products into two parts or cut into several parts. Some folding machines can also be used to install spray glue device. The glue device directly bonds the folded paper and cuts the edge of the paper with a slitting knife to directly output the finished product. The open knife has different models depending on the size of the blade and the notch.