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How To Install The Tape On The Carton Sealing Machine?
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The sealing of the tape roll of the carton sealing machine is completed by three circlips. The clamping force of the three circlips is very large. When the device is installed, the user must fix the tape roll very reliably on the machine. Otherwise, The tape can be scattered during the running process.

The tape surface device should be flat. After the tape is pulled out from the outside of the machine, there will be some wrinkles. This wrinkle must be smoothed when the carton sealing machine stops sealing, otherwise it will affect the sealing effect.

The adhesive side of the tape is protected from dust as much as possible. When the tape is rolled for the first time, the hand of the device may accidentally touch the adhesive surface of the tape, which will reduce the viscosity of the tape and affect the quality of the sealing. Therefore, dust should be prevented as much as possible when the tape is rolled.