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How To Maintain The Flexo Printing Machine?
- Nov 01, 2018 -

First, you can check the preparation status of the machine, such as the position of the printing plate of the printing press. If the position is not installed or the installation is wrong, it will be wrong during operation, and the printing machine may be damaged seriously. The preparatory work is very necessary, then the blanket is checked, and the blanket is matched with the machine to ensure the normal operation of the press.

The connection parts of the printing machine do not use lubricating oil. After a long time, the wear and tear is serious and cannot be used normally. In order to use the printing machine better, it is necessary to do lubrication and maintenance. Of course, it cannot be used because of oil. Too much, and the problem of oil leakage is very dangerous. It is very likely that there is a safety hazard. The use of lubricating oil should be operated according to the actual situation to avoid accidents.