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How To Purchase The Alcohol Packaging Machine
- Mar 16, 2018 -

 How to purchase the alcohol packaging machine

      Alcohol tablets, because of their small size and high volume of liquid, the packaging machine must meet the following requirements, otherwise it will produce a large number of waste products and cannot be produced normally:

      1, alcohol cotton pieces folded, continuous bag stability.

      2. The method of adding liquid should be scientific and must not leak alcohol at the sealing position of the bag. If so, the quality of the seal cannot be seen at first, but it will blistering after a certain time and the seal will not be sealed, resulting in unpredictable losses.

      3, to use professional sealing mold: for aluminum foil packaging material, if the sealing mold does not meet the requirements, it will penetrate, gradually leaking.

      4. The packaging bag is flat and beautiful, and it is neatly arranged after being put into the paper box.