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How To Repair The Fault Of The Carton Sealing Machine?
- Jun 24, 2018 -

If the carton sealing machine encounters a fault during use, it can be removed and repaired in the following manner:

1. The clamp of the sealing machine is too slow or the stroke of the clamp is insufficient: the bolts are loose, and the front buckle or the inner piece of the trigger wears. At this point the bolts can be tightened, taking care of the correct position of the front buckle shaft. It is also possible to replace the front buckle or the inner panel of the machine. After completing the above actions, test its function. If the stroke is too short, adjust the front buckle shaft upwards. If the movement is slow, adjust the front buckle shaft downwards.

2. Leakage at the piston rod: The bottom ring of the body is damaged. The ring should be replaced at this time.

3. Air outlet leak: Damage to the valve ring or switch seat ring or damage to the piston ring. Replace the ring.

4. Air leakage at trigger: Damaged switch valve ring or switch seat ring. Replace the ring.

5. Loose drive ring can not be positioned: plastic steel and transmission spring inelastic. Remove the trigger combination and reinstall the spring tip or replace the plastic bar and transmission spring.