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How To Solve The Problem Of Double Sheet And Paper Shortage Of Collating Machine?
- Nov 26, 2018 -

First of all, see if your collating machine is feeding in the paper or sucking in the paper? When the paper is fed by the wheel, what are the main points of the double sheet? Before the paper is matched, it must be fully shaken; the pressure of the pickup roller is light; the empty sheet appears, mainly cleaning the pickup roller and the rubber pad with it, or replacing it with new ones; fully loosening the paper before the paper is matched; Adjust the weight appropriately. Air suction paper feeding, double sheet is mainly to adjust the suction strength, adjust the blowing strength (too big and too small will double) to increase the distance between the paper and the paper suction mechanism; empty hair to adjust the large hair, small paper and paper The distance between the institutions, the increase in suction and so on.