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How To Solve The Problems Encountered In The Use Of The Carton Sealing Machine?
- Aug 21, 2018 -

In the process of using the automatic carton sealing machine, sometimes there are some small defects, such as the pleating of the tape corner after the sealing is completed. So how can we solve this situation? There are several reasons why this usually happens:

(1) Reason: The tape on the sealing machine is not fixed.

Solution: Reduce the tape tension of the sealing machine to a small point.

(2) Reason: The speed of the two sides of the conveyor belt is different.

Solution: Adjust the speed of both sides of the conveyor belt until they are consistent.

(3) Reason: The tension of the tape is adjusted too much. Solution: adjust the sealing machine to make the tension of the tape softer

(4) Reason: The movement of the cutter and the roller is not coordinated.

Solution: Adjust the distance between the cutter and the roller, and the roller will start to flatten the tape immediately after the cutter is cut.