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How To Use Automatic Sealing Machine
- Jun 28, 2018 -

The sealing machine operation steps are as follows:

1. Adjust the worktable to suit its own height. Take the tripod locking screw and adjust the height. Pull out the tripod adjustment frame and tighten the tripod locking screw.

2. Turn the lifting crank handle. Note that it is counter-clockwise rotation so that the upper movement seat is slightly higher than the carton to be sealed.

3. Push the carton into the belt conveyor. The length of the carton is about one-third of the length of the carton. According to the size of the cabinet, loosen the guide bar to lock the hand wheel, adjust the left and right guide bars to the sides of the cabinet, and then move back and forth the box allows it to pass smoothly, and then tighten the hand wheel.

4, adjust the position of the guide wheel, release the hand wheel, push the guide wheel frame, make the guide wheel close to both sides of the box, and then lock the hand wheel, so that the carton sealing effect is more close.

5. Turn the handle to crank it. Note that this time is clockwise. The upper conveyor belt comes into contact with the cartons, then removes the cartons and shakes the handle to lower the conveyor by a few more millimeters.