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Maintenance Method And Maintenance Operation Of Slitting Machine
- Mar 11, 2018 -

The following inspection and maintenance work shall be performed every week except for the removal of lubrication.

1. Check the thickness of the friction disc of the brake and slitting machine, when the wear is bad, replace them.

2. Check whether the linear guide of the slitting machine is clean and clean them when there is need.

3.Check whether the transmission belt of the slitting machine keeps its due tension.

4. Check whether the air road is leakage, air filter is clean, clean the filter cartridge at least once a month.

5.Check the surface of all the rubber rollers of the slitting machine, and must not contact with the cutting tools so as not to damage the surface of the rubber. Remember to use 1 liters of cleaning fluid every week (usually with warm water and low surface tension soap or solvent) to use a non - hair scrubbing cloth to light the roller.

6.Check the cutting machine of the exhaust fan filter, if accompanied by too much dust, clean and not clean, it will be replaced timely;

7.When the roller is dirty, you can use the spinning cloth to dip into the industrial alcohol to scrub. But we must be careful not to wipe the slitter with alcohol. Some of the old parts have already appeared, so as not to cause rust.