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Maintenance Of Winding Film Rewinding Machine
- May 02, 2018 -

The machine consists of various accessories. The quality of mechanical properties is related to the rate of production of goods and company interest rates. Therefore, the selection of a machine with good performance is particularly important, and maintenance is also an integral part. There are many different kinds of machines. Take a winding film rewinding machine as an example. Check the operating environment before turning on the machine. Check if there are any foreign objects in each part of the machine. Check if it is normal. Then open the motor switch and the air pump switch, and then open the main switch. Check the pressure is normal, then turn on the machine switch. Normal boot, light source; program starts normally. Slowly turn the machine and make sure there is no foreign object to stop the machine and then accelerate to normal speed.

Check the primary components and add lube oil; Prohibit the use of unsuitable tools and use unscientific methods of work; Make a complete review and inspection of the machine every two weeks; If it is not used for a long time, it must be scrubbed. Clean, apply anti-rust oil, add plastic cover.