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Market Demand For Physiotherapy Electrode Sheet Packaging Machine
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The principle of the use of the physiotherapy electrode sheet is to attach the electrode sheet to the corresponding treatment site of the human body, so that the positive and negative electrodes of the therapeutic device are connected, the pulse generated by the therapeutic device passes through the patch, and the functions such as simulated acupuncture and massage therapy are performed like countless electro-acupuncture. The physiotherapy electrode sheets are also called self-adhesive electrode sheets, medical electrode sheets, viscose electrode sheets, etc., and they are all in the range of medical consumables. This type of electrode is not only used in hospitals, but also can be used with a simple physiotherapy machine at home. Of course, after having a good physiotherapy instrument, the physiotherapy piece is also very important. The physiotherapy electrode sheet packaging machine produced by our company can be fully packaged, clean and hygienic, does not pollute the physiotherapy tablets, and has good sealing effect, ensuring the quality of the physiotherapy tablets and long storage time. With the emphasis on physiotherapy, physiotherapy electrode sheet packaging machines are in great demand in the market.