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Matters Needing Attention When Using Aluminum Foil Rewinding Machine
- Apr 30, 2018 -

When we use aluminum foil rewinding machine, we will encounter many problems, often due to operational errors caused by its failure, in order to ensure the smooth development of normal work, to extend the life of the machine, when operating the machine should pay attention to the following matters.

First of all, before using the aluminum foil rewinding machine, it is necessary to inspect the surrounding

environment. If there are foreign materials around, it should be promptly removed.

Second, the machine will inevitably be hot after working for a long time, especially for this kind of machine product, if the heat can't be dissipated, it may cause the short circuit of the machine, so when the machine is in use, it must do certain cooling measures to ensure that the machine is When working, it will not malfunction because of too high temperature.

Finally, check the parts before use. If a damaged part is found to be replaced before the machine is running, it will seriously affect the efficiency of the machine's operation. Do not wait until the parts can't be replaced. This will make the machine decline in performance.