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New Technologies Lead Packaging Machinery To Develop Faster And Faster
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Since 2000, the number of enterprises engaged in the production of packaging machine in China has been increasing, and the increasing number of production enterprises has further illustrated the massive development of related products in China. In the increasingly competitive market environment, new technologies can only be better driven by China's packaging machinery under the leadership of more powerful and more mature products.

The demand for packaging machines in the pharmaceutical packaging industry is inevitable. The investment in automatic packaging machines can meet the more stringent requirements of advanced manufacturing companies in terms of hardware foundation and production efficiency.

China's packaging machines are mainly small machines, which can be more conveniently applied to the production line of small foods, which saves space and can effectively improve production efficiency. Moreover, its procurement is convenient, and the advantages of the operating system according to domestic custom design are also accepted by many manufacturers.

The second type of packaging machinery requires a relatively new type of packaging technology - pneumatic packaging machine: the main feature of pneumatic packaging machine is the use of compressed air as a working medium for energy transfer, thus achieving the purpose of machine operation. For example: vacuum packaging machines rely on pneumatic technology to achieve good packaging results. Pneumatic technology has now evolved into a more mature packaging technology.

There is also a packaging machine that also has a large share in the current market - for bag-type automatic packaging machines, when packaging bags, it is necessary to seal and package each bag. The bag type automatic packaging machine adopts single-chip control to replace the original relay control, which greatly simplifies the operation process of the machine, and the automation degree is higher, which effectively improves the packaging speed of the product.