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Newly Developed High Performance Heat Shrink Packaging Machine
- Sep 18, 2018 -

The shrink packaging machine produced by our company has the advantages of beautiful appearance, easy operation, firm sealing and quick shrinkage. The machine can be sealed and shrunk at the same time. It can also be sealed or shrunk separately. It is multi-purpose, efficient and practical, and is favored by customers. The machine has high utilization rate, is flexible and convenient to use, and is safe and reliable.

The heat shrink packaging machine can generate a strong thermal circulation airflow during the shrinking process, so that the film shrinks in a very short time, and the effect is excellent. The most remarkable feature of the heat shrink packaging machine produced by our company is that the heating time is short, the heat preservation effect is good, the heat loss reaches the lowest value, the power consumption is greatly reduced, and the energy saving is particularly prominent, thus greatly reducing the cost of user.