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Paper Cutter Attention Problems
- Mar 04, 2018 -


In the actual use of the process, cutting paper confidential face of the cutting object is a variety of, in addition to paper, cardboard, as well as leather, plastic, cork flooring and PS version. Because of the variety of materials to cut, it should be for different materials, the corresponding use of different pressure paper, cutting the angle of the blade should also be changed to ensure high-quality cutting products.

Edge Angle

The choice of cutting edge angle is a very important part of cutting work. In other words, a good paper cutter must be equipped with a good cutting blade and sharpening process. But we found in the after-sale service of the paper cutter, many paper cutter users often ignore this point, the result, often because of cutting paper blade grinding edge of the way, method, angle, resulting in the impact of cutting force increase, leading to loose safety screws, and even fracture, resulting in mechanical damage.

Need to use cutting machine to cut the material range is more and more wide, such as beer foil cap, carbonless paper, honeycomb cardboard, magnetic cards, photographic film, etc., these materials in the cutting process will encounter different practical problems. such as carbonless paper in the cutting prone to indentation, and magnetic cards, photographic film in the cut will appear in the paper can not be fixed, resulting in the cutting of waste and so on. All these problems can be solved smoothly by adjusting the pressure of pressure paper, improving the blade and cutting drive system. However, these aspects of technology, according to the author understand that at present, only some paper cutter manufacturers can be resolved.