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Paper Cutter Working Principle
- Feb 23, 2018 -

The operation of the paper cutter is simpler and the requirements for the environment are not high. Usually in the general office with power supply to ensure that the work. General paper cutter with automatic switching system, as long as in the lost people of the paper, paper cutter will automatically rotate the paper shredding. Also some paper cutting machine needs to click the Start button, the paper cutter will rotate, can continue to cut paper. Broken paper, you should press the Stop/reverse button, so that the paper cutter to stop turning.

Before shredding, you should check to see if there are any hard objects such as paper clips, staples, etc. to be broken. If there is, should be removed and then put into the paper mouth, or may damage the tool. In the use of paper cutting machine, should pay attention to do not plug too much paper, especially the quality of the paper, use more attention, in order to avoid the phenomenon of paper jam as far as possible not to put a skew, to a relatively narrow paper to try to put in the center of the paper.

For earlier products, when using a paper jam failure, you should press the rewind key or the Stop key, so that the broken can continue to use. Most of the paper cutter is equipped with overload protection device, when the motor overload, will automatically stop. At this time should stop using 30min, so that the motor cooling. Also, you should consider reducing the number of input paper appropriately when you use it again. More advanced Paper Cutter once overload will automatically stop, automatic paper back, the use of more convenient. When the paper cutter box is full, some machines will automatically send out sound to remind people to clean up the confetti in time.