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Paper Rewinder Classification And Working Principle
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Rewinding machine according to the nature of the roll paper can be divided into: a shafting machine and shaftless roll machine;According to different transmission methods can be divided into: single-motor drive and dual motor drive;According to their different applications, they can be divided into: prewinder, finished rewinder, and special rewinder. The finished rewinder has upper rewinder and lower rewinder.

Rewinder working principle: The paper roll removed from the papermaking machine is placed on a paper-ejection stand. The braking device on the paper-ejection stand maintains a certain tension in the paper web and causes the paper roll to be rapidly braked to reduce paper loss during web break. The web is cut to the width required by the pick roller and slitter and then rolled into the roll with the desired tightness and diameter.