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Plastic Film Slitting Machine Servo Control System Safe Operation Process
- Apr 25, 2018 -

The mechanical displacement  that the servo control system can output accurately tracks the input displacement. It can control high-power loads with low power. The system can track well when the paper in the hydraulic paper holder is uneven. Control, so that the paper output by the slitter is parallel and vertical; the servo control system can be transmitted to the system through a series of feedbacks from the machine's machine-hydraulic-electrical, etc., and then fed back through the analysis and processing of the system.

Once the film slitting machine servo control system performs safe operations, it needs to follow the following process:

1. Check the machine equipment is normal and the roller scrub clean.

2. Install the mold and blade equal to the required width of the diaphragm in the corresponding position. The mold and the blade must not contain oil, and the blades such as dust and rust must be sharp.

3.Paper tube used for rewinding is mounted on the take-up reel.

4. Slitting diaphragm shall be fixed on the diaphragm frame behind the machine. The diaphragm must be fixed, and it shall not move left and right or shake up and down.

5. Pull the diaphragm apart and align it with the small diaphragm of the required size and fix it on the paper sleeve. Need to cut the diaphragm shaft, the mold and the blade shaft, the reel must be flush.


6. Turn on the power switch, turn on the machine, try cutting, and check whether it meets the required size requirements. Related reading: Foil slitter operation four-fold: feeding, filming, conjunctiva and cutting.