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Plastic Packaging Materials Market Five Directions
- Mar 02, 2018 -

                                                 Plastic packaging materials market five directions

1.Packaging lightweight

Lightweight is currently a common industrial vocabulary used to describe the practice of weight reduction of packages by using less material production. Packaging areas are increasingly favoring light-weight materials, and almost every plastic package emphasizes this both in shape and structure. There are many challenges in reducing the weight and thickness of packaging materials. The lightweight packaging also needs to maintain the performance and function of the original packaging, which is a major test for the production technology of lightweight packaging materials. Over the past few years, a series of material innovations and technological advances have led to significant improvements in package weight reduction.

2.Functional film:

In recent years, the market for plastic film is gaining momentum, showing a clear trend of growth over traditional packaging materials such as paper packaging, paperboard and aluminum foil. At the same time, packaging films are thinner and more functional, driving a faster growth in this market. In such a fast-growing market, more and more companies will invest in functional thin films in the future, which will speed up technological innovation and keep emerging new products.


It is known to all that oil is a scarce resource that can not be regenerated. The imbalance of reserves of petroleum resources in various countries and the predatory exploitation by developed countries have become important factors that lead to turmoil in the world situation. Therefore, the development of biodegradable materials to reduce petrochemical resource consumption, has gradually become the consensus of all countries in the world, especially developed countries. In recent years, the development of related technologies is very rapid, more and more biological plastics appear in the field of packaging.

4.In-mold labeling Packaging:

In-mold labeling technology as early as 10 years ago has been introduced into China's plastic packaging market, and has caused quite a stir in the industry. However, due to various constraints, its subsequent domestic development has failed to achieve a breakthrough, the market share is still small. The good news is that the domestic mold labeling and packaging market, which has been covered with ice for many years in the past two years, has started to reenergize and set off a small upsurge in the plastic packaging market. Especially in the field of FMCG packaging, under the pressure of rising labor costs, the number of FMCGs that inspect and adopt in-mold labeling and packaging technologies on the market is no small number.

5.Convenience Packaging:

In the past, packaging has done its homework on shelf display, protective, and easy-to-transport, but there are not enough features for ease of packaging. Nowadays, with the improvement of living standards and social rhythm, consumers are constantly increasing their demands on packaging, thus promoting the innovation and development of convenience in packaging. Many of the previous plastic packaging to open with teeth or scissors, but most of these packages now have a more convenient and quick way to open.